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Document Message Support

This note explores of the scope of support for document messages in Pigeon. This feature requires Pigeon v1.4 and above.

Supported Types


Selected image file formats sent as document messages are supported.

  • PNG
  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • ICO
  • HEIC

Video Formats

Selected video files sent as document messages are supported, but may not be optimal for viewing on the Apple Watch, due to long download times.

  • MP4
  • AVI

Document Formats

  • PDF (including password protected PDFs)
  • GPX (requires watchOS 10.x and above; displays on map)

Text Formats

  • TXT
  • RTF / RTFD (embedded images not supported)
  • MD

Source Code Formats

Certain source code extensions are recognised by Pigeon as text. Tested formats include:

  • .c, .cpp
  • .h
  • .m, .mm
  • .py
  • .swift
  • .json
  • .xml
  • .js
  • .php
  • .sh

Other source code types may or may not be recognised as source code by Pigeon, and may not be viewable.

Syntax highlighting is currently not available.

Last updated on: 17/03/2024