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Regarding Network Connections

This note discusses about networking on the Apple Watch, and how it affects on the Pigeon app, along with information regarding connection statuses shown in app.

Possible Connection Routes

Diagram depicting the possible connection routes

When your Apple Watch is near your paired iPhone, it will always prefer to communicate via the iPhone acting like a middleman, rather than directly communicating to the internet, even when the Apple Watch is able to connect or is connected to a Wi-Fi or cellular network.

Why It Matters

As the Apple Watch communicates to the iPhone via Bluetooth, the maximum data transfer rate is effectively around 2 Mbps, which is fairly slow. While this is often enough for a reasonable chatting experience, a direct connection via Wi-Fi or cellular, brings even better results, especially when consuming content such as videos.

How to tell if Apple Watch is connected to the iPhone

The easiest way to check is via the Control Center. For watchOS 10 users, tap on the side button to reveal the Control Center. For watchOS 9 and below, slide up from the bottom of the screen.

Once you are at the Control Center, check on the top capsule.

Screenshots depicting the Control Center, left showing with connection to iPhone, right showing not connected to iPhone

If the capsule contains a green iPhone icon, you are connected to your iPhone. If it shows up as red instead, you are not connected.

Types of Connection Statuses

Connection statuses, are good indicators to tell if you are connected to Telegram servers or not. Here are the possible types of connection statuses that could be reflected in Pigeon, along with an explanation of what each status mean.


Shown when Pigeon loses a connection with Telegram servers, and is attempting to reconnect. In the event where the Apple Watch loses internet access, Pigeon will continuously try to reconnect until internet access is available.


Shown when Pigeon has regain a connection with Telegram servers recently, and is currently synchronising chat listings and contents.


Shown when Pigeon is connected and synchronised with Telegram servers.

Turning it off

Users that are using Pigeon with an unstable internet connection, may find the connection status bar or its corresponding VoiceOver announcements to be overwhelming.

This can be turned off in the Settings. When turned off, VoiceOver connection status announcements stops too.

Screenshots showing Connection Status Setting

Go to General, and tap on Show status of the Connection section to switch it on or off.

Last updated on: 17/12/2023