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Regarding Subscriptions

When you subscribe to Pigeon's premium features, you get an even better experience, with chatting capabilities and more, keeping you connected with family and friends, right from your wrist.

Free features of Pigeon

Pigeon users without an active subscription, can use the following features for free:

  • Read 50 newest messages of any type, in a chat
  • View top 10 chats of any folder
  • Receive notifications of any chat

The general idea is that, without an active subscription, users are basically in a read-only mode, where they can essentially only read the latest messages.

Benefits of Pigeon subscription

Subscribers will get the following features:

  • Load and view older messages in any chat
  • Unrestricted access to every chat of any folder
  • Send text messages via keyboard (on supported devices), Scribble or voice dictation
  • Send voice messages
  • Select and send GIFs
  • Select and send stickers from your favourite stickers list

Starting with version 1.3, subscribers get even more features:

  • Mute chats directly from watch
  • Select and send images (Requires watchOS 9.x and above)
  • Send location messages
  • Re-arrange message bar
  • Forwarding messages
  • Editing messages

Pigeon is 100% funded by subscriptions, which means that you, as a subscriber, will not only get more features out of Pigeon when you subscribe, but also help in further developments and long-term maintainance of the app, as we are not affiliated with Telegram.

Common subscription issues

Passcode Required prompt when attempting to purchase

watchOS requires users to have a passcode on their watches, in order to proceed with any form of in app purchases, which includes the action of subscribing to Pigeon.

Apple Watch passcode can be set in the Settings app of the watch. You may also refer to Apple's support article for more information. (Link)

Last updated on: 17/12/2023